Druid Grove D&D 5th Edition 6th Level Spell Guide

Druid Grove

  • Level: 6
  • Casting time: 10 Minutes
  • Range: Touch
  • Components: V, S, M
  • Duration: 24 hours
  • Ritual: No
  • Concentration: No
  • Save: None
  • Damage: None
  • Spells: Druid
  • Source: Xanathar’s Guide To Every Thing, Page No, 154


You invoke the spirits of nature to protect an area outdoors or underground. The area can be as small as a 30—foot cube or as large as a 90-foot cube. Buildings and other structures are excluded from the affected area. If you cast this spell in the same area every day for a year, the spell lasts until dispelled. The spell creates the following effects within the area. When you cast this spell, you can specify creatures as friends who are immune to the effects. You can also specify a password that, when spoken aloud, makes the speaker immune to these effects. The entire warded area radiates magic. A dispel magic cast on the area, if successful, removes only one of the following effects, not the entire area. That spell’s caster chooses which effect to end. Only when all its effects are gone is this spell dispelled.

Solid Fog. You can fill any number of 5-foot squares on the ground with thick fog, making them heavily obscured. The fog reaches 10 feet high. In addition, every foot of movement through the fog costs 2 extra feet. To a creature immune to this effect, the fog obscures nothing and looks like soft mist, with motes of green light floating in the air.

Grasping Undergrowth. You can fill any number of 5-foot squares on the ground that aren’t filled with fog with grasping weeds and vines, as if they were affected by an entangle spell. To a creature immune to this effect, the weeds and vines feel soft and reshape themselves to serve as temporary seats or beds.

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