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Waiting for the companions to signaling, and looking forward to the dungeon hall for halfling creeps one in sneak attack 5eis being eager for it. The ear to the door has been pressed and discusses a set of tools. One will be able to pick and lock-in the blink of an eye. After the same, she got disappeared into the shadows. Her fighter friend moves to kick and open the door.

The accomplice prepares human locks in the shadow. And her part will be in the Ambush. The targets made by her are a notorious slaver who passes the alleyway, the accomplice who cries out, the slaver who comes to investigate, and the Asians blade which cut the throat before he can make a sound.

Also, it has been noticed that giggle has been suppressed, gnome waggles are for fingers, and then magically the keys are in her hand from the Guards belt. Within a moment, the same happened. Within a while, the cell door opened, and all the companions, along with her, are free to make their escape.

All these sneak attacks d&d 5e usually rely on skill, stealth, and their foes’ vulnerabilities. This will help them to get The Upper Hand in any of the situations. For finding the solutions, they are available with an AC. They can get the same for any of the problems. But for the same, it is necessary that they are demonstrating about the resourcefulness and the versatility which known to be the cornerstone of every adventuring party.

Class features

It is also a must understand that what are the class features are linked with them is as a rogue.

These features are as follows

Hit Points

  • Hit dice:

When one critical hit sneak attack 5e the dice, she will get a 1d8 rogue level.

  • Hitting points at first level:

At the first level, +8 will be the constitution modifier.

  • Hitting points at higher levels:

At the higher levels, the hitting points are 1 d 8 or 5 plus the constitution modifier which is available to per rogue level after 1st.


  • Armor:

The armor available with sneak attack 5e rogue is the light armor.

  • Weapons:

They are not letting in weapons as well. They are available with simple weapons, long swords, hand crossbows, rapiers, and short swords as well.

  • Tools:

They are available with thief’s tools as well.

  • Saving throws:

Dexterity and intelligence are the saving throws with which they are available.

  • Skills:

Also one will be able to choose from the kids. They have four choices available. They can choose among acrobatics, deception, athletics, intimidation, insight, investigation, performance, perception, Persuasion, sleight of hand, and stealth.

FeatPrerequisiteBenefit summary
Ankle CutterHalflingCan forgo sneak attack damage against large or larger enemies to cause the target to be slowed until the end of your next turn.
BackstabberSneak attack dice are d8 instead of d6.
Bleeding Backstab11th levelWhen dealing sneak attack damage with a rogue daily power, the target takes ongoing 5 damage (save ends) or increases untyped ongoing damage by 5.
Blowgun Training (Multiclass)Dex 13Allows sneak attack with Blowgun
Brutal Advantage21st level, Str 17, Brutal ScoundrelIf you have combat advantage against a target but don’t use a sneak attack, add strength modifier to the damage roll.
Brutal WoundBrutal ScoundralIf the attack inflicts ongoing damage, add 1 to the ongoing damage for each die of sneak attack damage.
Critical Ambush21st levelAn apply sneak attack damage on a critical hit.
Darkfire TargetingDrowYour sneak attack deals additional damage equal to wisdom against the target of your darkfire power.
Disheartening Ambush11th levelForgo 1 die of sneak attack to give attack the rattling keyword.
Dragon Breath Scoundrel11th level, DragonbornCan expend use of sneak attack to apply damage to all enemies granting combat advantage.
Expert ChainfighterShadar-Kai, spiked chain proficiency, Deft strikeAllows sneak attack with a spiked chain, 2 squares of movement, and sneak attack damage is necrotic.
Flash of the BladeRapier proficiencyIf you are the only creature adjacent to the target, can use sneak attack damage without combat advantage.
Garrote Training (Multiclass)Str 13, Dex 13Allows sneak attack with Garrote.
Hidden PulseGenasi, firepulseCan apply sneak attack damage to firepulse.
Infernal Sneak Attack11th level, TieflingWhen dealing sneak attack, can expend infernal wrath to inflict 1d6 extra fire damage for each die of a sneak attack.
Lethal Hammer TrainingDwarfCan use sneak attack with warhammer or throwing hammers.
Life ThiefRevenantWith dealing necrotic damage from Dark reaping and sneak attack, reroll sneak attack dice that show a 1 or 2, until the die is greater than 2.
Lingering Illusion21st level, gnomeGain concealment against any enemy you deal sneak attack damage to while invisible.
Longsword FinesseEladrinCan use a sneak attack with a longsword, but reduced damage by 1 die.
Moonbow StalkerWorship SehanineGain proficiency with shortbow and can use it for sneak attack.
Opportunistic Sneak Attack11th levelHit with an opportunity attack, and sneak attack slows the target until the end of next turn.
Piercing PalmMonk, RogueApply sneak attack damage with unarmed strike.
Rash Sneak AttackHumanCan add +2 to sneak attack damage, but grant combat advantage until the end of next turn.
Roguish KillerAssassin, RogueCan apply sneak attack damage on a miss if you invoked two or more shrouds.
Ruthless InjuryRuthless RuffianWhen using a club or mace to make a sneak attack that causes the target to become blinded, immobilized, slowed, or weakened, the target takes -2 penalty to save throws against those conditions.
Slaying ActionCan use sneak attack for a second time, if using an action point for an extra action.
Skilled FeintTrained in bluffIf you bluff an enemy to gain combat advantage, you get an extra die of damage for sneak attack until the end of your next turn.
Sneak of Shadows (Multiclass)Dex 13Allows sneak attack once per encounter.
Sneaky GnomeGnomeOnce per encounter, invisibility doesn’t end if you inflict sneak attack damage.
Sneaky StabberGoblinAgainst adjacent targets, reroll sneak attack damage dice that show a 1 until they are no longer a 1.
Sneaky StaffCan use a quarterstaff in place of a light blade for a sneak attack, weapon finesse, and melee or close rogue powers.
Street ThugStr 13, Con 13Can use a mace for sneak attack, but reduced damage by 1 die.
Tunnel Stalkerstr 13, Con 13, DwarfCan use sneak attack with an ax, hammer, or pick, but reduce sneak attack damage by 1 die.
Treetop sniperElfCan use sneak attack with any bow.
Underhanded TacticsForgo 1 die to impose -2 penalty to target’s attack rolls.
Whirlwind Sneak Attack21st levelCan apply sneak attack damage to all targets of a chosen rogue encounter power.
Versatile DuelistGain proficiency with and can use a sneak attack with all one-handed military heavy blades.


If one wants to know about the equipment which is available with sneak attack rogue 5eprimarily, then they can go along with them. Some of the equipment will be granted to you in the background as well. But if one wants to start, they can go along with them.

  • Rapier or b. A shortsword
  • A short sneak attack with bow 5e and quiver of 20 arrows or b. a shortsword.
  • A burglar’s pack or b. a dungeoneer’s pack or c. An explorer’s pack
  • Leather armor, two daggers, and Thieves tools are also available.

These are the equipment which can let them choose easily. It is totally their choice of how one wants to make the choices.


When will be able to choose the skill proficiency at the first level, and also one can get their skill proficiency with Thieves. When one wants to know about the bonus, then the proficiency bonus is doubled as per the capability check. They can choose them after using any of their proficiency. At the sixth level, one will be able to choose two or more proficiencies easily. This will help them to gain the benefits easily.

Sneak Attack

At the beginning of the first level in the 5e rogue sneak attack, one will be able to know about the strike subtly and how one will be able to exploit the destruction of Foe. At every turn, one will be able to deal with an extra 1d6 damage, which is needed by one creature who will be going to hit with an attack. But for the same, it is necessary when is available with an advantage on the attack rule. Also, it is necessary that the attack will be done by the use of ranged weapon or finesse.

If any other anime is at the target then there is no need for 1 to get any advantage on the attack rule. When will you be able to target it within 5 feet easily? The enemy is not incapacitated at all. And there will be no need to have any disadvantage on the attack roll. The amount of extra damage will get increased as one will gain levels in the class. This will show in the snake attack column easily of the rogue table.

Thieves’ Cant

When one is going through the training in rogue sneak attack 5ehe will be able to learn about thieves can’t as well. This is a mix of secret dialect and code. This will allow them to hide messages which seem to be in a normal conversation. The creature will only be able to know about the thieves who can understand the messages. Also, if one wants to convey the message then it will require four times more for the same. But this is implemented when one is speaking with the same idea plainly.

Along with that one will be able to understand the secret signs and symbols easily on to the secret signs and symbols are used to convey short and simple messages which are related to an area that is dangerous or it is the territory of Thieves Guild. Also, one will be able to understand about the loot if it is nearby. The people in that area easily make the marks that provide a safe house for thieves On The Run.

Cunning Action

Starting at the second level, their quick thinking ability will allow them to move and act more quickly. One will be able to take a bonus action on each of the terms when he is in combat. Moreover, these actions are used to take only the hide action, dash, disengage action as well.

Roguish Archetype

The archetype will be chosen at the Third Level only. This will help them to email you wait in the exercise of the considering abilities. In the end, the details about the things in the class description are available. This can be visible from one or another source easily. The archetype choice grants so many features are the Third Level, and the same will be again given at the 9th, 13th, and 17th levels easily.

Improvement in an ability score

When will reach the fourth level, and then there again Reach 28th, 10th, 12th, 16th, and 19th level the ability score will increases. One ability score will be increased by two, and the two ability scores will be of your choice as by one. Using the same features, one cannot increase the ability score above 20. But if someone is using the optional fees to rule, they can go for the same as well.

Uncanny Dodge

When starting from the 5th level in the dnd 5e sneak attack the attacker will be able to see that who has made the attack is real. One will be able to use this reaction to half the damage caused by the attack happened.


At the 6th level, in 5e sneak attack, one will be able to choose skill proficiency. They have the ability to choose two or more skills easily. These are linked with his tools directly. The proficiency bonus is doubled for every ability check, which is used by them for choosing the proficiencies.

If you wish to know more, then let us know in the comment section below. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible. And try to figure it out as well.

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