Fog Cloud 5E – D&D 5th Edition on 5eFeats

Fog Cloud Attribute

Level: 1 (Conjuration)

Casting time: 1

Action Components: V, S

Range(area): 120 feet

Attack(save): None

Damage(effect): Control

School: Conjuration

Duration: 1 Hour

Fog Cloud 5e:-

Here you need to create the fog 5e, which is entirely centered on a point in the range and that fog should be in a radius sphere of twenty-foot. The foggy field spreads around all corners, and, frankly, the area becomes obscure. A moderate and high-speed wind will blow it, or it will last for a while.

At Higher Levels:

The radius of the haze rises by 20 feet for each position above the 1st level, but that is only when you throw the spell utilizing a 2nd or above 2nd level spell space.

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