Genasi 5e – D&D 5th Edition Race Guide

Everyone is fond of games. Everyone wants to try different games when it comes to filling them with adventure. If you are also among those who think the same way, then you must go for Genasi 5e.

Yes, you read it right. All those who feel like other planes remote and the planar influence can be easily throughout the world Genasi race 5e is the right choice for them. Through an accident of birth, some being manifests easily. They carry the power of planes in their blood. They are the mortal ones and have the capability to do the same as well.


If you wish to know more about them then here all the basic features related to them are mentioned with you must know to get aware about the things linked with them.

  • Increase In Ability Score:

If the increase in abilities score takes place, the constitution score will increase by 2.

  • Age:

When it comes to looking forward to maturity, they get mature in the same age as humans get. They reach adulthood in their late teen. But in terms of Genasi lifespan, they have a long age as compared to humans. They live up to 120 years easily.

  • Alignment:

The alignment is also fixed. They are independent and self-reliant. They have neutral alignment which cannot be beaten by anyone, and it is fixed as well.

  • Size:

The size of the number is as per their moral parents. But on a common note, they are some of their looks like humans. They can be stand between 5 feet to 6 feet. The size of humans is medium.

  • Speed:

The base walking speed offered is 30 feet.

  • Languages:

The languages with them are common and primordial. One can easily speak, read, and write both these languages. The Primordial language is considered to be a guttural language. This language is filled with harsh syllables and along with hard consonants.

Air Genasi

The air Genasi is descended from the djinn. When it comes to noticing the change in these are like the weather. One mood can shift from calm to wild and violent. This gives you a little warning in starting. But all these Storms last for long.

When it comes to looking at the air Genasi 5e appearance, they have light blue skin, hairs, and Eyes. Constant Breeze, which is a faint one, accompanies them. Usually tousling the hair and stirring the clothing. This d&d air Genasi usually speak with breathy voices. And it marked by a faint Echo. Some old patterns are also displayed in their flash or grow crystals from their scalps.

  • Increment In Ability Score:

When there is an increase in an ability score, the dexterity score is increased by 1.

  • Unending Breath:

One can hold their breath indefinitely. But it is most that you are not incapacitated.

  • Mingle With The Wind:

With this trait, one can cast the levitate spell. There are no such material components required. By using this, one can easily regain the ability. When one has finished along rest, the dnd air Genasi will get the same easily. Spellcasting ability is the constitution for this spell.

Earth Genasi

The earth Genasi is distant from the Cruel and greedy ones. They are not cannot be called evil ones, but somewhere they are. Some measures are inherited by them to have control over the Earth. To relieve the superior strength and solid power, they have the same measures available. They will be able to avoid all the Rash decisions, and also d&d earth Genasi can consider options before taking any action. This will help them to choose a precise this season accordingly.

From an individual to the next, the elemental Earth manifests differently. Some earth Genasi 5e always have bits of dust falling from their bodies and some of them seem like mud is cleaned to their clothes. They do not give a damn to cleanliness at all. No one can ever find out how often they bathe.

But also some of them are Shiny and polished as gemstones. The skin tones associated with them are Brown or black. The eyes are sparkling like a Gates. Somewhere looks like smooth metallic flash and having some dull iron skin spotted with Rust. They also have a hide which is rough and pebbled.

Also, some of the d&d earth Genasi are the resting ones that have pebbles in their flesh, which faint light shines.

  • Increment In Ability Score:

When the ability score gets increased, the strength score will increase by one.

  • Earth Walk:

Without expanding even any extra movement, one can move across the difficult terrain easily. But it is a must that it is made of earth or stone.

  • Merge With Stone:

The fire Genasi are the king of afreet and the volatile mood is inherited in this one. One will be more impatient, and also they are quick in making judgments. Instead of hiding the distinctive appearance, one will get indulge in it for more.

All the dnd 5e fire Genasi are hot, and it feels like they are burning from inside. They have an impression which gets imprinted by flaming red, Black, or Ash grey skin tones. Under the extreme emotions, they somewhere are more human-looking. Also, some of the actual females are dancing on their heads. They have sounded like the cracker once. Eyes are always filled with anger, and some Saint of brimstone may appear.

  • Increment Inability Score:

As soon as there will be an increment in the ability score the intelligent score will increase by one.

  • Darkvision:

They will be going to see in dim light with 60 Feet. Humans will be able to see in bright light as well. But in darkness and in dim light, they are ready to see easily. When will get a tie with the elemental plane of fire, this makes the dark vision unusual and things visible, whatever they see in Darkness is in the shade of red.

  • Resistant To Fire:

They are capable enough to get over the damage caused by fire.

  • Reach To The Blaze:

When will reach the Third Level, they will be able to produce flame cantrip. One will have burning hands available which can act as the first-level spell. This will help you to regain the ability to cast. Until you will finish the long rest this will come into existence.

These are the things which you must know about all of them. If you wish to know more about them or you have any doubts considering to do not forget to mention the same in the comment section below we will try to get back to you as soon as possible and resolve all the queries you are having. In case you wish to know something more about all the other Genasi, they also do not forget to mention about the same here. We will try to resolve every query you are having and to provide all the desired answers.

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