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During a game, there are so many weapons that are a must to consider by the player. Come up with certain characteristics and also let a player play efficiently. If one is not aware of the reference, then it will become difficult for them to compete efficiently. The same is the case with Yklwa 5e.

Yes, you read it right. Yklwa 5e is known to be one of the simplest only weapons available. This is known to be the traditional weapon of the Chultan Warriors.


There are so many different characteristics and features that are related to these weapons. Some of them are mentioned here that will help you to understand it easily.

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  • This Yklwa weapon is consists of different parts. In this weapon, a 3 Foot wooden shaft is available along with a steel or stone blade.
  • The steel or stone blade available is around 18 inches long.
  • On a hit, it deals with 1D8 piercing damage and it costs around 1gp. This is known to be the property of thrown weapons.
  • And the drawback available with this Yklwa weapon dnd is that it is not balanced at all. And for throwing as well balance is required which is not available in it.
  • The range offered by this weapon is 10/30 ft.
  • This weapon is not to be considered as a martial weapon with proficiency.
Cost1 GP
Damage1d8 piercing
Weight2 lbs
PropertiesThrown (range 10/30)

And many other characteristics are there which are related to this particular weapon. Moreover, this is to be considered one of the options for someone who wants to play the game in the Gladiator style fighters. This is known to throw a spear before charging into a melee.

Moreover, these d&d 5e Yklwa weapons are known to be the attacker modifiers that are available with attack roll and damage roll. This will be used by everyone who is going through an attack with a weapon. If one is aware of the hand as one can easily use the weapon to increase their strength. But if one is looking forward to throwing a dagger, they can see the use for strength or for dexterity as well. The tiger is known to be the finish of the property, which cannot be compensated in any case.

This happens one of the simplest weapons to be considered because there will be able to use them more efficiently. This is very easy to handle and no need for a player to understand any particular rule while handling this particular weapon. Moreover, this is a thrown weapon, but due to not being a balanced one, it is not a much-considered choice. But being the thrown weapon property everyone is looking forward to considering it.

If you wish to know more about these dnd 5e Yklwa weapons and you have any doubt considering any of the weapons considering then let us know in the comment section below. We will try to get back to you as per your review and it will also help us to know more about this weapon. In case there is anything that is missing then also feel free to comment about it in the comment section below.

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