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Bag Of Holding Attributes

Adventuring gear (wondrous item)

  • Category: Items
  • Item Rarity: Uncommon
  • Weight: 15

The bag of holding seems quite normal but in reality, it’s not the same. This looks simple yet is quite spacious from inside. The interior space in the bag is considerably larger than the outside with a dimension roughly of 2 feet in diameter at the mouth and 4 feet deep. This bag holds up around 500 pounds but not exceed a volume of 64 cubic feet. It weighs around 15 pounds regardless of the contents and retrieving any item from the bag is not easy as it requires action to do that. This for the reason is called the 5e bag of holding.

What it contains

The bag of holding is quite magical with an extra-dimensional space and this allows holding a larger amount within the dimension that it permits. The bulk help inside in the bag doesn’t change the bulk of the bag of holding. For this you can interact with the bag of holding and put the items in or can remove it then just like a mundane sack. The bag can hold a great amount of material and the object still need to be able to fit into the opening the sack to be stored inside. This can indeed be the pathfinder bag of holding. 

The most important thing everyone must remember is, if the bag is overloaded or broken then it ruptures and gets ruined. This would further cause loss of the item forever. If it’s turned inside out then the items inside would spill out unharmed but the bag must be put right before it can be reused. When a living creature is placed inside the bag, it bears enough air for around 10 minutes before it begins to suffocate. Later it would start to escape against a DC of 13. So the item inside the bag would provide with no benefit until and unless it’s retrieved first. The item inside the bag can’t be detected by magic which can detect things in the same place.

Wondrous item

As the bag bears a huge interior space than the outside dimension. This is a great thing to move on and placing the bag inside an extra-dimensional space is created by the handy haversack, portable hole, and similar items that instantly destroy both the items and opens a gate to the astral plane. This gate actually originates where the one item was placed inside the other. Any creature within 10 feet of the gate is sucked through it to the random location on the astral plane. Then after the gate gets closed and the interesting part is, it’s just one way only and can’t be reopened. The following source has made the 5e bag of holding quite impressive and eventful.

The bag of holding

When it’s about the bag of holding 3.5, it’s about the perfect dnd bag of holding which opens into a nondimensional space. Its insider is large than its outside dimension and it weighs fix amount. It moves to the internal dimension which is around 64 cubic feet and 2 foot by 4 foot in dimensions. Now if the bag is overloaded and pierced or is torn then it ruptures and gets destroyed. Whatever it contains are scattered in the astral plane. Now if the bag is turned inside out, its contents are going to spill forth and stay unharmed. But it is just that the bag must be put right before it can be used again. The breathing creatures inside would start suffocating after 1 minute.

A golden bag of holding

The golden bag of holding can be called because of the priority to add extra utilities. It bears a portable storage item that can be named using an Anvil. But aside from that name, there is no other distinction between the bags. If it is inside the ender pouch then it is safe from death and may be easily retrieved from an ender chest that bears the same color combination. Its special feature bears the ability to craft the bag enchanted with reincarnation. The enchantment would work only once and respawn would return the bag to its normal state. But it can be recanted and the dnd 5ebag of holding can be recreated.

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