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If we talk about the 5th edition which has been introduced to d&d backgrounds then the backgrounds have tiny elements of every particular character. So basically the d&d 5e backgrounds will provide all the views with a significant story about the identity you carry and there is also a character background that will disclose how you have become a scout. The 5e background will also disclose where you have come from and all about the place where it exists in the world.

What is background 5e important?

It won’t be wrong to say that the best character is not just about doing the most damage or having the best statistics. It is also about the personality of the character, their beliefs and also the character background. When a character is essentially made, you can provide them with bonds, traits, ideals, as well as flaws, which is one of the most important things. So when you assign your character you have to also assign values that will develop your alignment. You can assign two values to your character, either it can be lawful and neutral or good and confused or evil. Your character only defines what you are and also about the abilities you have, it even elaborates about your lifestyle and how you lived.

If you are a new player, it can sometimes be difficult to accept the changes in the concept. In this case, the dungeon master helps you. Apart from this, you can toss a coin to choose the character you want to go for. After choosing you to have to pick the class as well as the race of your character. Then you got to learn your skills and your abilities.

List of Backgrounds

AcolytePHBInsight (WIS), religion (INT)Any x2None
AnthropologistToAInsight (WIS), religion (INT)Any x2None
ArchaeologistToAHistory (INT), survival (WIS)Any x1Choose 1: cartographer’s tools, navigator’s tools
Black Fist Double AgentCoS (AL)Deception (CHA), insight (WIS)NoneDisguise kit, and choose 1: artisan’s tools x1, gaming set x1
Caravan SpecialistEE (AL)Animal handling (WIS), survival (WIS)Any x1Vehicles (land)
Celebrity’s   ScionAIPerception (WIS), performance (CHA)Any x2Disguise kit
CharlatanPHBDeception (CHA), sleight of hand (DEX)NoneDisguise kit, forgery kit
City WatchSCAGAthletics (STR), insight (WIS)Any x2None
Clan CrafterSCAGHistory (INT), insight (WIS)Any x1Artisan’s tools x1
Cloistered ScholarSCAGHistory (INT), and choose 1: arcana (INT), nature (INT), religion (INT)Any x2None
Cormanthor RefugeeRoD (AL)Nature (INT), survival (WIS)ElvishArtisan’s tools x1
CourtierSCAGInsight (WIS), persuasion (CHA)Any x2None
CriminalPHBDeception (CHA), stealth (DEX)NoneGaming set x1, thieves’ tools
DissenterPS:ASpecial (See page)Special (See page)Special (See page)
Dragon CasualtyCoS (AL)Intimidation (CHA), survival (WIS)DraconicSpecial (See page)
Earthspur MinerEE (AL)Athletics (STR), survival (WIS)Dwarvish, UndercommonNone
EntertainerPHBAcrobatics (DEX), performance (CHA)NoneDisguise kit, musical instrument x1
Faction AgentSCAGInsight (WIS), and choose 1: special (See page)Any x2None
Failed MerchantAIInvestigation (INT), persuasion (CHA)Any x1Artisan’s tools x1
Far TravelerSCAGInsight (WIS), perception (WIS)Any x1Choose 1: musical instrument x1, gaming set x1
Folk HeroPHBAnimal handling (WIS), survival (WIS)NoneArtisan’s tools x1, vehicles (land)
GamblerAIDeception (CHA), insight (WIS)Any x1Gaming set x1
Gate UrchinRoD (AL)Deception (CHA), sleight of hand (DEX)NoneMusical instrument x1, thieves’ tools
Guild ArtisanPHBInsight (WIS), persuasion (CHA)Any x1Artisan’s tools x1
HarborfolkEE (AL)Athletics (STR), sleight of hand (DEX)NoneGaming set x1, vehicles (water)
Haunted OneCoSChoose 2: Arcana (INT), investigation (INT), religion (INT), survival (WIS)Exotic x1None
HermitPHBMedicine (WIS), religion (INT)Any x1Herbalism kit
Hillsfar MerchantRoD (AL)Insight (WIS), persuasion (CHA)NoneVehicles (land), vehicles (water)
Hillsfar SmugglerRoD (AL)Perception (WIS), stealth (DEX)Any x1Forgery kit
House AgentWGEInvestigation (INT), persuasion (CHA)NoneSpecial (See page)
InheritorSCAGSurvival (WIS), and choose 1: arcana (INT), history (INT), religion (INT)NoneGaming set x1, musical instrument x1
InitiatePS:AAthletics (STR), intimidation (CHA)NoneGaming set x1, vehicles (land)
InquisitorPS:InInvestigation (INT), religion (INT)NoneArtisan’s tools x1, thieves’ tools
Iron Route BanditCoS (AL)Animal handling (WIS), stealth (DEX)NoneGaming set x1, vehicles (land)
Knight of the OrderSCAGPersuasion (CHA), and choose 1: special (See page)Any x1Choose 1: gaming set x1, musical instrument x1
Mercenary VeteranSCAGAthletics (STR), persuasion (CHA)NoneGaming set x1, vehicles (land)
Mulmaster AristocratEE (AL)Deception (CHA), performance (CHA)NoneArtisan’s tools x1, musical instrument x1
NoblePHBHistory (INT), persuasion (CHA)Any x1Gaming set x1
OutlanderPHBAthletics (STR), survival (WIS)Any x1Musical instrument x1
Phlan InsurgentCoS (AL)Stealth (DEX), survival (WIS)NoneArtisan’s tools x1, vehicles (land)
Phlan RefugeeEE (AL)Athletics (STR), insight (WIS)Any x1Artisan’s tools x1
PlaintiffAIMedicine (WIS), persuasion (CHA)Any x1Artisan’s tools x1
Rival InternAIHistory (INT), investigation (INT)Any x1Artisan’s tools x1
SagePHBArcana (INT), history (INT)Any x2None
SailorPHBAthletics (STR), perception (WIS)NoneNavigator’s tools, vehicles (water)
Secret IdentityRoD (AL)Deception (CHA), stealth (DEX)NoneDisguise kit, forgery kit
Shade FanaticRoD (AL)Deception (CHA), intimidation (CHA)NethereseForgery kit
SoldierPHBAthletics (STR), intimidation (CHA)NoneGaming set x1, vehicles (land)
Stojanow PrisonerCoS (AL)Deception (CHA), perception (WIS)NoneGaming set x1, thieves’ tools
Ticklebelly NomadCoS (AL)Animal handling (WIS), nature (INT)GiantHerbalism kit
Trade SheriffRoD (AL)Investigation (INT), persuasion (CHA)ElvishThieves’ tools
Urban Bounty HunterSCAGChoose 2: deception (CHA), insight (WIS), persuasion (CHA), stealth (DEX)NoneChoose 2: gaming set x1, musical instrument x1, thieves’ tools
UrchinPHBSleight of hand (DEX), stealth (DEX)NoneDisguise kit, thieves’ tools
Uthgardt Tribe MemberSCAGAthletics (STR), survival (WIS)Any x1Choose 1: artisan’s tools x1, musical instrument x1
VizierPS:AHistory (INT), religion (INT)NoneArtisan’s tools x1, musical instrument x1
Waterdhavian NobleSCAGHistory (INT), persuasion (CHA)Any x1Choose 1: gaming set x1, musical instrument x1

PHB = Player’s Hand Book

ToA = Tomb Of Annihilation

CoS = Curse Of Strahd

EE = Princes Of The Apocalypse

SCAG = Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide

RoD = Out Of The Abyss

PS:A = Plane Shift: Amonkhet

WGE = Wayfinder’s Guide To Eberron

PS:In = Plane Shift: Innistrad

External Homebrew Backgrounds

Backgrounds From A To E

AbyssdwellerBalloon MageCattle RustlerDandyEarthling
AdeptBankerChangelingDark LordElysium Knight
AdoptedBarmaidChild of AresDemonologistEmployee of Royalty
AdventurerBattlesmithChroniclerDenizenEndless Soul
Adventuring RoyaltyBeggarCity GuardDetectiveEngineer
AfflictedBereavedCity WorkerDiplomatEnvoy
Air AcrobatBodyguardCloneDisciple of the ObscureEternal One
Alchemic ConstructBounty HunterCombat MedicDisgraceEvil Cultist
AlchemistButlerConfederacy of Feuding HousesDisowned NobleEx-Blood Doll
Alcoholic ConscriptDivineExecutioner
Alcoholic Scientist ConstructDoctorExile
Amnesiac CookDog of the MilitaryExiled Ruler
Ancient Cultist CourtesanDragon TrainedExperiment
Ancient One Crazed HermitDrow Breeding SlaveExplorer
Antiquarian Crusader NationDrunken Bum 
Apothecary CursedDuelist 
Arcana Spy    
Arcane Augmented    
Arcane Dominion    
Armed Escort    
Arranged Marriage    
Arvoreen Keeper    

Backgrounds From F To L

FarmerGladiatorHellbornIdol FollowerLibrarian
Feral ChildGypsy InquirerLone Survivor
Fourth Wall Breaker    

Backgrounds From M To W

Master InquisitorProspectorReaverSalesmanUnknown
MercenaryPsychic ScavengerUrban Vigilante
Metal Worker  Seeker Of A Lost LifeWriter
Monster  Shadow Thieves Guild Member 
Monster Hunter  Slave 
Mystic  Slayer 
   Student Of Magic 

Backgrounds From Homebrew Page

Backgrounds From A TO F

Armor of Agathys Guide }

AbyssdwellerBalloon MageCattle RustlerDandyEarthlingFalconer
AdeptBankerChangelingDark LordElysium KnightFallen Hero
AdoptedBarmaidChild of AresDemonologistEmployee of RoyaltyFarmer
AdventurerBattlesmithChroniclerDenizenEndless SoulFeared
Adventuring RoyaltyBeggarCity GuardDetectiveEngineerFearful
AfflictedBereavedCity WorkerDiplomatEnvoyFeral Child
Air AcrobatBodyguardCloneDisciple of the ObscureEternal OneFey Child
Alchemic ConstructBounty HunterCombat MedicDisgraceEvil CultistFirefighter
AlchemistButlerConfederacy of Feuding HousesDisowned NobleEx-Blood DollForgotten
Alcoholic ConscriptDivineExecutionerFully Customizable Backgrounds Variant Rule)
Alcoholic Scientist ConstructDoctorExile 
Amnesiac CookDog of the MilitaryExiled Ruler 
Ancient Cultist CourtesanDragon TrainedExperiment 
Ancient One Crazed HermitDrow Breeding SlaveExplorer 
Antiquarian Crusader NationDrunken Bum  
Apothecary CursedDuelist  
Arcana Spy     
Arcane Augmented     
Arcane Dominion     
Armed Escort     
Arranged Marriage     
Arvoreen Keeper     

Backgrounds From G to M

GamblerHeir of a Fallen KingdomImmortalJanitorLaw BringerMage Hunter
Gladiator, VariantHellbornInfectedJesterLibrarianMaid
God TouchedHerald of the GodsInnkeeper Lone SurvivorMailman
GovernessHereticInquirer Lost CivilizationMarshal
GravetenderHitmanIsekai LoverMaster Inquisitor
 Hooded FigureIslander LumberjackMercenary
 House Worker   Messenger
 Hunter   Metal Worker
 Hunter Stalker   Militant assassin
     Military Asset
     Military Pilot
     Monastic Traveller
     Monster Hunter

Backgrounds From N to T

Noble Dragon TamerOathbreakerPlanar TravelerRedeemed CultistSalesmanTailor
Noble GuardOccult InvestigatorPlane WalkerRegime of the Dark OverlordSavage LandTemple Guardian
NomadOf the VoidPoliticianRevenantScavengerTest Subject
 Otherworlder, VariantPrincess/PrinceRevolutionistScoutThe Chosen One
 OtherworlderPrisonerRiderSecretTransformed Monster
  Professional AssassinRivalSeeker 
  PsychicRoyal CavalrymanSerial Killer 
  PsychoRoyaltySex Worker 
  PuppeteerRunawayShadow Bringer 
    Shadow Thieves’ Guild Member 
    Smuggler, Variant 
    Spirit Medium 
    Student of Magic 

Backgrounds From U to Z

Urban VigilanteVagrant TrouperWandering MercenaryZealot
 VaqueroWar Criminal 
 VenatorWell Travelled 
  Witch Doctor 
  Witch Hunter 
  Wolf Knight 
  Worshipped One 

D&D 5e Backgrounds Chart

What does the character’s background do?

So dnd backgrounds are the whole and sole description of what exactly you are and also about what you do. The dnd 5e backgrounds describe your lifestyle and how your character lived. Each one has to provide a small portrayal of your particular character and their life from the stage their lifestyle of adventures started. You are not just a soldier, you have been a soldier who has lived a life full of adventures and war scenes. The best part of the aspects of the dnd background is the loosen up rules.

What does the 5th edition background do?

Each and every background provides a few mechanical advantages that too with several combinations such as one or two Skill proficiencies, languages as well, starting gear assortment, it provides unique abilities and also social abilities. If you are thinking these are just a few of the additions, then no! These few additions do it all and matters a lot. Every background provides character proficiency in two different abilities. In chapter 7 of PHB, The Skills of your character are defined. Most backgrounds in d&d provide character knowledge with 1 or extra tools. For looking at the details of tools, you can go through chapter 5 of the PHB.

If your character gains similar proficiency from 2 diverse sources, then you have the option of choosing a different proficiency of a similar tool or skill as well.

How to customize a background?

Isn’t it great that you can now make changes according to your wish? You may want to grasp some of the characteristics of the 5e d&d background so that it fits better with your character or the settings of the campaign.

While customizing a background you have the option of replacing one feature with any other feature. You can choose any two abilities and select a total of two proficiencies of tools or from the sample background, you can choose languages. Apart from this either you can use the equipment collection from your available background or you can also spend some coins on the gear and for further more information you can go through the description given in chapter 5.

If you want to spend some coins then you cannot take the equipment package suggested for your class in addition. After going through the above process you can select two-character virtues, one can be ideal, one can be bond and one can be a flaw. Suppose you cannot find any feature that fits the background you desire then you also have an option of working with your DM and then you can create a feature. Isn’t it great!

Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide

City Watch145Athletics (STR), Insight (WIS)+2
Clan Crafter145History (INT), Insight (WIS)+1Artisan’s tools x1
Cloistered Scholar146History (INT) and one from Arcana, Nature, or Religion (all INT)+2
Courtier146Insight (WIS), Persuasion (CHA)+2
Faction Agent147Insight and one INT, WIS, or CHA skill as appropriate for your faction+2
Far Traveler148Insight (WIS), Perception (WIS)+1Musical instrument x1 or Gaming set x1
Inheritor150Survival (WIS), and one from Arcana, History, or Religion (all INT)Gaming set x1, Musical instrument x1
Investigator145Insight (WIS), Investigation (INT)+2
Knight of the Order151Persuasion (CHA), and one from Arcana; History; Nature; or Religion (all INT)+1Gaming set or Musical instrument
Mercenary Veteran152Athletics (STR), Persuasion (CHA)Gaming set x1, Vehicles (land)
Urban Bounty Hunter153Two from Deception (CHA); Insight (WIS); Persuasion (CHA); and Stealth (DEX)Two from Gaming set x1, Musical instrument x1, or Thieves’ tools
Uthgardt Tribe Member153Athletics (STR), Survival (WIS)+1Artisan’s tools x1 or Musical instrument x1
Waterdhavian Noble154History (INT), Persuasion (CHA)+1Gaming set x1 or Musical instrument x1

Curse of Strahd

Black Fist Double Agent2Deception (CHA), Insight (WIS)Disguise kit, and either Artisan’s tools x1 or Gaming set x1
Dragon Casualty3Intimidation (CHA), Survival (WIS)DraconicOne of eight tools, based on your origin
Iron Route Bandit5Animal handling (WIS), stealth (DEX)Gaming set x1, Vehicles (land)
Phlan Insurgent6Stealth (DEX), Survival (WIS)Artisan’s tools x1, Vehicles (land)
Stojanow Prisoner8Deception (CHA), perception (WIS)Gaming set x1, Thieves’ tools
Ticklebelly Nomad9Animal Handling (WIS), Nature (INT)GiantHerbalism kit

Plane of Amonkhet

Dissenter11Special Background Feature
Initiate8Athletics (STR), Intimidation (CHA)Gaming set x1, Vehicles (land)
Vizier10History (INT), religion (INT)Artisan’s tools x1, Musical Instrument x1

Tomb of Annihilation

Anthropologist191Insight (WIS), Religion (INT)+2
Archaeologist192History (INT), Survival (WIS)+1Cartographer’s tools or Navigator’s tools

Plane of Innistrad

Inquisitor12Investigation (INT), Religion (INT)Thieves’ tools, Artisan’s tools +1

Ruins of Mezro

Heretic28Deception (CHA), Religion (INT)+2

Options available for 5e background

When you will go through the handbook of the players you will see that it provides the players with backgrounds that encircle almost everything in a relatively general way with few variants that are subtle, as the progress which 5e books have made you will come across many specialized backgrounds which are also unique in specific settings.

There are fifty-six backgrounds that are official now. We won’t go much further and talk about the ones you can start within the player’s manual. Here we have listed a few characters as well as their features just to give a heads up about these few character backgrounds.

  • Acolyte – shelter of loyal
  • Charlatan – false personality
  • Criminal – criminal contact
  • Entertainer – popular demand
  • Folk hero- rustic hospitality
  • Guild Artisan – Guild Membership
  • Hermit – Discovery
  • Noble – Position of Privilege
  • Outlander – Wanderer
  • Sage – Researcher
  • Sailor – Ship’s Passage
  • Soldier – Military Rank
  • Urchin – City Secrets

Further the modest proficiencies here, every particular background has one or even more features and also a mixture of gears. But the gear you obtain hardly makes a difference after the 1st level but the mentioned features can leave an impact and it matters.

What should be kept in mind while selecting a background?

It is important to understand what characteristics one should seek before choosing a background. One should definitely focus on three main points while selecting a background – theme, mechanics and background features.

One needs to choose their theme wisely as some of the backgrounds only speak to a specific environment. Each character has its own story and similarly each and every background retains their feature. Mostly, all the features of the background offer a small benefit in the game. Almost all of the backgrounds require a particular player to interact with the NPCs. Apart from this; the background features also add additional chances for an adventure and also for role playing role-playing.

What should one pick?

In our above description, we have only covered some of the basic backgrounds. When you further search you will come across infinite options regarding the backgrounds you can choose. You can mix and then match the available backgrounds or the official backgrounds as well. There are hundreds of backgrounds that are unofficial ones too.

There is no specific character which can be said that it’s “the best” as every character is unique on its own. So I can’t really tell you which background you should go for because the mechanical use of them will be anyway little only. So you can go pick out whatever background you feel is the best and you think that it represents your character in the most amazing way. Also, feel totally free to mix and match the backgrounds if you are unable to find that one specific background for your character.

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